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Add a Touch of Class with Ceramic Tile in Doylestown, PA

One of the fastest growing segments of floor covering is ceramic tile. Historically, humans have strived to create durable, beautiful, and user-friendly living spaces for more than 4,000 years. Beautiful ceramic surfaces have even been found in ancient Greek ruins and the pyramids. Continue this tradition by decorating your home with tile. Doylestown, PA is home to the Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home showroom, where you can view a large selection of fine ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tile is made from clay. In the early days, tile was made by hand-flattening clay and cutting it into shapes. These shapes were then sun-dried or baked. Later, clay slabs were made with wooden molds, allowing for uniform shapes and sizes. Today, tile is kiln-fired under high heat after the size and shape are determined. Unglazed tiles are fired once, while glazed tiles are fired twice. In the 1840s, tiles were “dust-pressed,” a process that consisted of pressing almost-dry clay between two metal disks, rather than forming wet clay by hand. While unglazed tiles are limited to the clay’s natural color, glazed tiles are available in a multitude of colors. Early on, only naturally produced colors were available; blue glazes were made from copper, while green and turquoise were made from ground metal oxides.

Ceramic tiles can be used for floors, walls, fireplaces, and murals, or as an exterior design on buildings. This wide range of uses is possible because ceramic tiles are outstandingly durable.

Add a classic touch to your home with tile. Doylestown, PA homeowners should stop by our showroom to see one of the largest tile selections in the state. From stone to porcelain to the newest in glass tiles, including frost-resistant tile for use around pools, Barb-Lin Carpet One Floor & Home offers a variety of options for your decorating needs.

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